108-秋季班 1082C504-出國觀光旅遊會話  
Anthony Chen 講師
Anthony Chen
台英社 (Taiwan English Press) 經理
Chen Chien-Cheng, a native of Taipei, used to be a reporter (China Times), interpreter (Chinese Translators Co), English teachers (Yi Hsiu, Open University), and is a licensed English Tour Guide & Manager, obtaining the GEPT High-Intermediate 英語導遊領隊 英檢中高級
英語口譯、 寫作。 英國文學 Shakespeare Study / Bible Stories / Chinese Literature translated into English。 Tourism Practice & Teaching。
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上課日期 2019-09-06 (第一週),(共16週)
上課時間 每星期五 晚上 7點0分~9點20分
上課地點 桃子腳國中小(238新北市樹林區學勤路555號)  連結
上課方式輕鬆口語朗讀, 舉例解說對話
分組研討對練, 自由行聽說讀
文化實材補充, 句型摹仿表達
評量方式出席課堂討論互動 50%
參與景點導覽觀摩 30%
自備學習心得筆記 20%
學員自備事項個人文具 口說錄音
參考書目On the Road: Tourism English for Travelers Book One + CD
by Joseph Henley 東華書局 售價NT550 (開學後 班長統籌洽購)
參考資料: Tourism: An Exploration by Dr. Harssel
學分費3 學分,2700元
其他費用一報名費:200元 (持本校學員證優100元)
On the Road: Tourism English for Travelers Book One + CD
by Joseph Henley 東華書局 售價NT550 (開學後 班長統籌洽購)
第一週1. My Travel Plans 旅遊規劃Compare Travel Plans; Ask for Travel Advice; Talk about Activities you like to do; Make a schedule比較詢問談論列表旅遊規劃 Grammar: Will and Would
第二週2. What Should I Bring? 攜帶細項Describe the things you will bring with you on a trip; Ask questions about what you should bring and what you should leave behind; Provide some basic packing tips to others; Talk about packing for a trip with friends談論攜物 Grammar: Countable vs. Uncountable
第三週3. Catching a Plane 搭上飛機Talk about going through an airport; Manage a conversation about boarding a plane; Get through customs and passport control; Ask for information about flight departures and arrivals機場作業登機安全Grammar: Adv. and Adverbial Phrases
第四週4. Checking In / Out 旅館入住與結賬離開Check in and check out of a hotel; Talk about services offered at a hotel; Give requests to the hotel receptionist; Discuss the details of a hotel bill談論詢問旅館入住與結賬離開Grammar: Want/ Would Like to
第五週5. Meeting Roommates 會見室友Meet and greet new roommates; Start up a conversation with someone you’ve never met before; Ask questions and get basic information about people; Converse easily with people from different backgrounds談詢異國室友 Grammar: Present Perfect Tense
第六週6. Housekeeping清理房間Ask for and describe different cleaning supplies; Talk about cleaning up a room; Ask people for assistance when cleaning; Give cleaning instructions to others 談論尋助清理房間Grammar: Be Going to
第七週7. Buying Groceries 購買用品Shop for groceries in a foreign country; Convert prices from the local currency to your own; Ask for help finding specific items in a grocery store; Make a budget for buying groceries國外購品外幣兌換Grammar: Can and Could
第八週8. Eating at a Market 市場美食Successfully navigate through a farmers market or traditional market; Identify different produce; Describe different tastes; Have an in-depth conversation about food談論美食尋購農品 Grammar: Comparative Adjective
第十週10. Eating at a Coffee Shop 咖啡館用餐Confidently place an order at a coffee shop; Read and understand a coffee shop menu; Have a conversation about different kinds of coffee on a menu; Discuss the daily specials or offers with a coffee shop clerk 用食咖啡館談論餐品 Grammar Superlative Adjective
第十一週11. Getting Around the City 逛遊市區Understand directions for bus/metro routes; Ask questions on a bus tour; Ask for information about schedules; Talk about fares and bus tour packaging市區交通費用路線安排 Grammar: Passive Mood
第十二週12. Where Am I ? 身處何方?Ask a stranger for directions; Give directions to someone who is lost; Describe where you are going or where you have been; Find your way to a place you want to go 導覽地點行程方向 Grammar: Prepositions of Place
第十三週13. I Am Sick 身體不適Describe your symptoms to a doctor; Discuss how often/when to take medication; Talk about minor health problems; Understand medical advice 微恙醫療藥物適用 Grammar: Present Continuous Tense
第十四週14. Museums for Free 參觀博物館Ask where to find different exhibits or places in a museum; talk about history and artifacts from the past; Find out what is showing at a museum; Have a conversation based on what you learn at a museum參訪談論古物文史 Grammar: Zero Conditional
第十五週15. Do as The Romans Do 入境隨俗Talk about going to a festival in another country; Ask questions about what to expect at a festival; Talk to locals at a festival about what’s going on; Discuss foreign cultural events節慶活動異鄉文化 Grammar: Preposition of Time
第十六週16. Buying Souvenirs尋購紀念品Talk about buying souvenirs; Ask a souvenir shop clerk questions about souvenirs; Bargain in a flea market; Use your linguistic skills to get the best possible price 尋寶折價紀念品 Grammar: Too/Enough/So/Such
第十七週17. Taking a Cruise 渡輪遊旅Find your way around a ship; Types of cruise and where to go; Family cruise; Cruise pros and cons渡輪等級家族旅遊 Grammar: Mixed conditionals

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